Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cross Promoting.

I just want to share with all my lovely Fat Heffalump readers a blog post I wrote over on my "everyday" blog. Tonight I got home from the movies to find some loser had left a comment on my other blog saying something like "Wearing black isn't going to help you any you fat bitch." Only it wasn't spelled correctly, but I can't remember the exact spelling because I deleted it.

So I had a wee bit of fun and made up a post over there that I thought my folks with fattitude might like to read. Here's the link:

Pop on over, have a look, leave a comment if you like.


  1. The comment that person made was really immature, but I don't think I would give them the satisfaction of the attention of a post made in their honor. I mean, that person was obviously begging for a rise out of you, and they got one. I always just either ignore haters or address them personally, because they aren't worth any sort of big display.

  2. I think it's awesome what you did there! Oh, they can't stand to see fat people? let's show 'em as many as we can!

    LOVE IT!!!!


  3. In the style of Mr Burns ''Exxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcellent!'' Arsehole like that seems to think us fat women should be ashamed to alive?! Fuck him! (excuse my language)

  4. You need to stand up for yourself. Good job!

  5. Ashleybrook - sometimes it's more fun to get obnoxious with them. I had an absolute ball making that post, and felt a thousand times better after spending time picking out photos and captions that made me laugh. It's not in their honour, it's at their expense.

    And I intend to make my whole life a big display, it's fun! One thing I'll never be is a shrinking violet.

  6. Makes me wonder why he must loathe himself so much to make such an attack on a stranger ...

    Loving the new hair lovely, looks fantastic!

  7. Possibly feeling very insecure in his manhood.


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